You Used to Shop at J.Crew...Now What?

By Luke Presberg, Co-Founder of Boulevard
May 06, 2020
J.Crew filed for bankruptcy last week and at this point it feels overdue.

While companies such as Uber, AirBnb, and Slack reimagined how we travel, live, and work, other user experiences have been left untouched. One of these experiences is undeniably how guys get their clothing.

Where Do We Go for Clothing?

Once us guys grew out of the J. Crews of the world, there wasn’t a clear alternative. Where do we go to for high quality, everyday clothing? There isn’t a clear answer, and this is a big problem — because while clothing isn’t as top of mind as your transportation, home, or work, it is important.

Clothing is important for us because it plays a subtle role in achieving what we want to be; happy, healthy, and successful. Clothing isn’t the reason you’ll look and feel the way you want to, but it often is a reason.

Finding clothing online today is like calling a cab before Uber, or staying at a sketchy motel before AirBnB. We’re putting up with horrible experiences and bad results because it’s the status quo, and soon we’re going to realize how hilariously broken these experiences have been.

The Next Era of Men’s Apparel Needs a Platform

Luckily we’re not building your next clothing experience from scratch. Over the last few years there’s been a rise in men’s apparel brands building specifically for those who haven’t had a go-to place in years. These brands have premium products, teams, stories, and are built for a lifestyle guys actually want.

You may notice brands like these pop up on instagram or in conversations once-in-a-while, but that’s not good enough for you or the brands. What guys and the apparel bands built for them need is a new platform — this is what Boulevard is for.

Boulevard gives young-professional men one place to go to and trust for clothing. Open your phone and you’ll immediately be brought clothing, brands, and styles that are meant to help you feel happy, healthy, and successful.

Boulevard’s working to change clothing for young-professional guys in the way that Uber and AirBnB changed their respective spaces. Simply put, we make finding the clothing you need and living the way you want to a lot easier.

So it’s not that we needed a reminder, but news like J. Crew’s bankruptcy really drives home the point that guys are long overdue for a new apparel experience. This is what we are insanely focused on at Boulevard and we’re excited for you to join us there.

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