Why I am Quitting Coffee for Magic Mind

By Luke Presberg, Co-Founder of Boulevard
June 06, 2020
Recently I decided to quit coffee. My reasons were pretty simple; I was experiencing the positive effects of coffee less and less as my tolerance/dependency grew, and was noticing the negative effects much more.

Rather than feeling energized and alert from coffee, I was increasingly becoming less focused, more anxious, and less well-rested over time.  It felt like coffee was killing my productivity, not boosting it.

Some research on what I was experiencing quickly lead to two realizations. 1) This experience with coffee is surprisingly common for those who have had the habit of drinking it, and 2) Those who cared most about their productivity - startup founders, business professionals, engineers, creators etc. - were quickly moving to new drinks that provided them with results coffee was taking away from them: more focus, more energy, less anxiety, and more productivity.

This is how I found Magic Mind - a productivity drink specifically designed to stimulate focus, creativity, energy, and motivation while decreasing stress.

The first reason I came to trust Magic Mind over other "productivity drinks", that often came off as gimmicky, was the founder of Magic Mind, James Beshara. Jame's personal story was a heightened version of my experience with coffee and stress - while running a startup of 50+ employees he was sent to the E.R and diagnosed with a heart condition that his doctor attributed to too much stress and caffeine.

After this scare James went on to research alternative sources of caffeine and additional ingredients that would produce real results for his focus, calmness, energy and productivity. James eventually turned this research into the best selling book Nootropics that explored the science behind these productivity-boosting, stress-reducing substances. Then, together with a team of MDs, he turned his 7 years of research into Magic Mind.

So when I quit coffee about a month ago I started looking into the research behind Magic Mind - this page on their site links to the peer reviewed studies on each ingredient they use - and the product's differentiation became very clear to me. The science, team of doctors, and motivation for them all creating Magic Mind showed me a genuine care and level of trust that I've yet to encounter with other drinks that claim to boost performance.

I'll be taking on Magic Mind as my daily productivity drink and am really excited to measure and see what the results are. Their research advises 7-10 days to get the full effect of the ingredients; therefore, I'll be both updating this piece and posting new reviews as my experience with Magic Mind evolves.

If you're at all curious about new ways to boost your own energy, calmness, and focus I'd highly suggest digging into Magic Mind - I've learned a ton just from doing this - and trying it out yourself.