We're two brothers and their best friend.

Paul Presberg

Nick Spiroff

Luke Presberg

We were looking for a product that didn't exist yet - something that made finding great clothing not just easy, but fun. So we got building.

Our Personal Story.

While this is the first company that us three have built together, it's certainly not the first time we've gotten together to create.

We have been friends since middle school when we all started skateboarding and snowboarding together back in our hometown Whitefish bay, WI. At 11 and 12 years old all we were doing was skating around town and filming videos that we'd put on YouTube. Paul was 11 years old kick flipping down 5 stairs of concrete, Luke was filming, and Nick was editing and putting together animations on Adobe After Effects that seemed like wizardry at the time (surprise, Nick's the technical co-founder).

We've all done a lot since then, but it was those early years making skate videos together that we all credit as the start of our interest in creating, design, and caring a little extra about style in general. Fast forward 10+ years - we've remained best friends, gone to college together, and decided to go all-in on our next creative project: Boulevard.

What Lead Us to Boulevard.

We're building Boulevard because its a product we want for ourselves. A product that makes finding great clothing easy.

Growing up we dressed like a lot of guys do. We got our clothes from the brands at the mall and had a decent sense of style that was cool but nothing over-the-top. But as malls started dying and we went to college, getting clothing seemed to get 100x harder.

Once we finally spent a TON of time finding apparel brands online, we realized there were brands wayyyyy better than the ones we knew of before - these brands were online-only, had great products, and brand stories that we actually related to.

While we successfully found this new crop of great men's apparel brands, finding them was extremely time-consuming and having to use a different website for each brand was even more difficult.

So, we started thinking about how we could make the online apparel process we just endured 100x easier, and that's how we started working on Boulevard.

Simply put, the reason we're building Boulevard is to deliver the best online apparel experience to young-professional men on just one app.

The best brands, all of their clothing, and all of their stories - all on one app.

Download Boulevard.
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